Admiring Craft Across the Generations

Craft Generation, an exhibition by Fife Contemporary Art & Craft which celebrates the achievements of contemporary Scottish craft and the continuation and renewal of skills, can be seen at St Fergus Gallery in Wick.

Six craft artists who are long established in their field were invited both to exhibit their own work and to select an artist from the following generation whose work they admire.

Some of the pairs show the strong bonds between former teacher and student while other choices have been made purely on an appreciation of someone’s work, sometimes outwith the selector’s own media.

Plaid Brooch, Lenticular Series by Andrew Lamb Photo Graham Clark
Plaid Brooch, Lenticular Series by Andrew Lamb Photo Graham Clark
Bloom (Marguerite) detail by Anna Ray Photo Todd-White
Bloom (Marguerite) detail by Anna Ray Photo Todd-White

Teacher/ student relationships include jewellers Professor Dorothy Hogg MBE and Andrew Lamb, ceramicists Archie McCall and Dawn Youll and tapestry artists Maureen Hodge and Anna Ray.

Alison Kinnaird MBE selected fellow glass artist and architect Karlyn Sutherland whose work she encountered when they both attended a masterclass. Silversmith John Creed selected visual artist Thomas Jacobi who has repaid the compliment by making new work for the exhibition based on Creed’s workshop. Jacki Parry’s work with paper as a printmaker and sculptor gives her a natural affinity with the work of visual artist Claire Barclay.

While there is a craft focus the exhibition also includes work more usually categorised as visual art and continues the dialogue between disciplines. The artists generously provided extensive information about their careers and approaches to their practice for the exhibition interpretation. As well as illustrating the breadth of training and work this also touches on future developments.

See: Craft Generation
2 Aug – 12 September 2015
St Fergus Gallery, Wick Carnegie Public Library, Sinclair Terrace, Wick
Open Tues 2 – 6pm, Wed 10am – 1pm, Thurs 10am – 5pm, Fri 2 – 8pm, Sat 10am – 1pm

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