The Elation of Tapestry

The current exhibition at the Watermill in Aberfeldy is a rare opportunity to see Scottish tapestry by some of Scotland’s leading textile artists.

The exhibition of work by four artist weavers – Sara Brennan and Jo Barker from Edinburgh, Carol Dunbar from Orkney, and Kusha Bolt from Aberfeldy – aims to showcase tapestry artists at the front of their field.

Flow by Jo Barker
Flow by Jo Barker
Broken white band with grey by Sara Brennan
Broken white band with grey by Sara Brennan

Jayne Ramage, who curated the exhibition with Professor Dorothy Williams said “For the artists, tapestry is rather like the very Scottish challenge of climbing a hill. The enormity of the task at the outset, the more relaxed feeling two thirds of the way up –and finally the sense of elation once the summit is within grasp. For the beholder, the beauty of the finished work is enriched with the time and consideration invested in each piece. Woven art, constructed, bottom up, with the hand and creative mind of the artist making and taking decisions step by step.”

Jo Barker’s work has curves, parabolas, bold block sections and pixellated splashes of patterned colour. Sara Brennan’s work is rooted to a sense of place, with your eye drawn to the middle ground. A focus on what is ahead. She evokes landscape through silhouette. Carol Dunbar’s art has a delicacy, a lightness of touch. She weaves personal memory into artistic representation. Kushe Bolt’s work spans four decades. Influenced by the modern art movement of the sixties and seventies, her work is about spatial relationship and geometric ratio.

See & Buy: Thinking and Making – Four Artist Weavers – Sara Brennan, Jo Barker, Carol Dunbar, Kusha Bolt
Until 10 June 2015
The Watermill Gallery, Mill Street, Aberfeldy, Perthshire PH15 2BG
Open daily 10am – 5pm (11am Sunday)

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