Ceramics Duo in Barrhead Revisited

Born Free Washbasin, detail, by John MaguireBorn Free Washbasin, detail, by John MaguireGuests who have dined at Gleneagles and visitors to the Dobbies/Tesco UK Garden Centre in Livingston will already have experienced work by ceramicist John Maguire who is holding a joint exhibition, Barrhead Revisited, with ceramicist Bill Brown at the Barony Centre in West Kilbride.

The exhibition title is a ‘tongue in cheek’ reference to 1980’s TV Series ‘Brideshead Revisited’ and flags up a long association with ceramic production in Barrhead – namely Barrhead Sanitary Ware Limited, which was established over a century ago – and after many years of teaching both ceramicists now work from a studio in Barrhead.

Well known for wheel-thrown pots, John has also undertaken private commissions such as the production of exclusive tableware for Andrew Fairlie @ Gleneagles Restaurant. Another commission saw him produce his distinctive flower-shaped urinals and wash hand basins for Dobbies/Tesco UK Garden Centres in 2010.  His work is held in several public collections including Aberdeen Art Gallery and Perth Museum and Art Gallery.

Bill Brown has specialised for a number of years in the techniques of casting and ceramic printmaking and has exhibited widely in Europe, Australia and USA as well as in Britain.
“Ceramics is unique as an art-form” says Bill. “Ceramists are defined by the material rather than a particular kind of product and we can explore all the many different areas within it; one-off pieces, tableware, tiles, sanitary ware, sculpture – the possibilities are endless and the great thing is that providing no-one drops them the pieces will still look as fresh in a thousand years as they do now. Potters always have the last laugh.”

See: Barrhead Revisited
15 February – 13 April 2014
The Barony Centre, 50 Main Street, West Kilbride, North Ayrshire, KA23 9AR
Open Mon-Sat 10am-5pm Sun 12-5pm
Cafe open daily

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