Jubilee Silver an Antique of the Future

A special Diamond Jubilee hallmark creates a rare opportunity to buy something very unique.

Silver vessels by Marion E Kane (Photo Shannon Tofts)
Silver vessels by Marion E Kane (Photo Shannon Tofts)

Hallmarking is the oldest, simplest and most enduring of fraud deterrents, creating an assurance of the purity or fineness of the metal, and it is provided by the UK Assay Offices.

The Edinburgh Assay Office has been testing precious metals and hallmarking them since 1457 and during the Diamond Jubilee there is a special mark to commemorate the 60 year reign of Queen Elizabeth II.


Our image shows the three compulsory marks of the Maker’s mark, Metal & Fineness Mark and Assay Office mark – a castle is the mark for Edinburgh – as well as the optional marks of a date letter, in this case the n for 2012, Lion Rampant for Sterling Silver and the Jubilee mark. The Jubilee Mark was applied until 1 October 2012.

The Jubilee mark is optional, and is added at the request of the maker. Some makers, such as silversmith Marion E Kane, will always add any special marks to their silver, however others may not add it,  so if you want to buy a Jubilee hallmarked piece ask if it has the hallmark before buying.

In Scotland we are very lucky to have a wealth of talented silversmiths and jewellers, many recognised internationally, and work by them can be found in many galleries and shops in a wide range of styles and prices.

This is the perfect time to invest in Scottish silver as you will not only own a lovely object, but also the Jubilee hallmark will make it a historic antique of the future.

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